Glitter, Mica Flakes (in bulk)


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Our gorgeous glitter was the finest most delicate made. These giant 8oz jars are bargain basement pricing, and you’ll be so happy to have them for the holidays. This was regularly $27.99 denoting the quality, but they are yours for just $6.00 minus any sale pricing too!

Turquoise                                                             8.oz.       $6.00

Bright Red                                                            8.oz.       $6.00

Light Purple                                                         8.oz.       $6.00

Dark Purple                                                         8.oz.       $6.00

Bronze                                                                  8.oz.       $6.00

Gold                                                                       8.oz.       $6.00

Silver                                                                     8.oz.       $6.00

Apricot                                                                  8.oz.       $6.00

Celadon (Mica d’lights)                                    8.oz.       $6.00

Antique Bronze (Mica Flakes)                        8.oz.       $6.00


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Antique Bronze, Apricot, Bright Red, Bronze, Celadon, Dark Purple, Gold, Light Purple, Silver, Turquoise