Perfect Pigment – Acrylic Paint



Perfect Pigment™ – Pure Liquid Acrylics™  are an affordable range of fine art quality paints that work on virtually all surfaces and provide artists with an unlimited range of tints, values and colors. Perfect Pigments and contain no fillers, allowing for clean mixed colors, and each pigments’ natural translucency or opacity.

Mixing our Pearlescent paints with our regular acrylics will moderate the iridescent effects. Drying to the touch is dependent on the water added and surface, but is usually less than an hour. Curing is when the paint becomes a fully stable film, providing a maximum durability and water resistance. When fully cured our paint is nearly invulnerable to mild solvents. Curing usually takes at least three days for thin applications and may take up to two weeks or more for thicker applications.

Perfect Pigments are known for their versatility and are ideal for applications such as:

  • fine art
  • crafting
  • textile painting
  • woodworking
  • traditional to experimental and decorative techniques

USArtQuest paints can be used on textiles without heat setting.

1 oz.and 4 oz.bottles available in 24 colors

Please call for larger sizes


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Napthol Red 1oz., Napthol Red 4oz., Magenta 1oz., Magenta 4oz., Bright Yellow 1oz., Bright Yellow 4oz., Ultramarine Blue 1oz., Ultramarine Blue 4oz., Mars Black 1oz., Mars Black 4oz., Titanium White 1oz., Titanium White 4oz., Permanent Green Medium 1oz., Permanent Green Medium 4oz., Orange 1oz., Orange 4oz., Purple Mist 1 oz., Purple Mist 4oz., Cobalt Turquoise 1oz., Cobalt Turquiouse 4oz., Yellow Ochre 1 oz., Yellow Ochre 4oz., Burnt Umber 1oz., Burnt Umber 4oz., Dark Violet 1oz., Dark Violet 4oz., Wheat 1oz., Wheat 4oz., Dark Green 1oz., Dark Green 4oz., Indian Red Hue 1oz., Indian Red Hue 4oz., Deep Sky Blue 1oz., Deep Sky Blue 4oz., Tomato Pearl 1oz., Tomato Pearl 4oz., Metallic Light Gold 1oz., Metallic Light Gold 4oz., Metallic Silver 1oz., Metallic Silver 4oz., Metallic Copper 1oz., Metallic Copper 4oz., Blue Pearl 1oz., Blue Pearl 4oz., Green Pearl 1oz., Green Pearl 4oz., White Satin Pearl 1oz., White Satin Pearl 4oz.


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